RAID Recovery

RAID is a great system for increasing speed and availability of data as it offers more data protection than non-RAID disk systems. The management of the disks and the data distribution across them can be extremely complex.

No matter how well designed or implemented the system is, still there is one factor that causes problems to most RAID array and that is human being.

Problems that occur in RAID Server systems:

  • Arrays are normally boxed in a single case, so physical damage can affect multiple drives and the control electronics inside it.
  • Many people wont take back up because they say it is fault tolerant - yes it is but not fault proof.
  • Multiple drives can fail in an array.

SystemCrew Lab has years of experience in RAID recovery services, spanned and striped systems. We only require the storage devices in order to recover lost data.

We also do data recovery for high-end servers includes RAID Disk Array Recovery, Snap Server Data Recovery and Tape Recovery

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